The True Definition of Passion and How to find Yours!

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We have spent the entire month of October focusing on Finding and Living with Passion. 

One main thing we have discovered is that Passion is not a feeling that occurs high in the body. In your brain, heart and stomach you feel Excitement, Fear, Nervous Energy, etc. But Passion is lower than this, it is a burning in your sacral chakra, a constant, non-negotiable belief that grounds you. 

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Your true passion is a core part of you. It has been there since childhood. In fact it may be so deep and constant that you have trouble putting it into words. 

Let me show you the difference using myself as an example.  Here is the distinction between things that Excite me and my Passions:

I enjoy

• Reading

• Exploring nature

• Singing.

My Passions are

• Experiencing life to the fullest

• Pulling away the layers of information to explore more and more complexity within our existence

• Searching for truth and sharing it with others

• Communicating at a soul love 

Can you see why I enjoy reading, nature, and singing? They allow me to experience my PASSIONS. They are the activities, not the source of Passion. 

It can take years to uncover the words to describe our passions, partly because they are so fundamental to us that we don't realize... not everyone feels this way.

Not everyone cares about uncovering the truth or sharing with others. There is no right or wrong here. It is the way we are built. It is what makes each of us unique!

I know I'm making this sound like it was easy for me, and you're probably sitting their thinking, "But I have NO CLUE where to begin finding MY Passion!" 

I have good news! 

Watch the replay on our YouTube Chanel by clicking  here .

Watch the replay on our YouTube Chanel by clicking here.

In our workshop on The Power of Mindfulness, we work through the best methods for finding your own unique Passion. You'll need to tune out the noise of the world and let go of what everyone else thinks is important. If you are ready to listen to your own voice and discover your true Passion, you watch the workshop replay here!

Once you have completed the workshop, let me know if you have any questions. I am always available via email. And the easiest place to find me is in my Facebook Group, The Creativity Club, where I post challenges, inspirations, and affirmations every day. 

I look forward to knowing you better and walking side by side on your journey to Wellness, Purpose, and Fulfillment.