Essential Oils for Passionate, Purposeful Living

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I know I'm not the only one who thinks of Passion as being overwrought, crazed or totally obsessed with a person or thing. At the same time we hear that we should "Follow our Passion" and "Find our Purpose" as the best way to be truly happy and fulfilled in life. 

They can't possibly mean that we should be "overcome with desire" every single day of our lives. Right?

This month we are going to look more closely at what it means to Find your Passion. Passion can be intense, driving, and overwhelming, but we can also learn how to master it. We can harness this power to help us fulfill our purpose in life and find the success we've been dreaming of.

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But first I want to share with you why I chose 2 particular essential oil blends to help us Find and Harness our Passion.

Into the Future:

This oil blend was created to calm, focus, and energize you for the journey ahead! 

When I first smelled this blend I immediately thought, "This is what I want my Future to smell like! A quiet summer garden, scented with jasmine and shaded by citrus trees." And though it may not smell just like this to you, the idea is really important. We decide what we want in the Future based off of what we have in the present. Through using this oil we will focus on learning gratitude and mindfulness, using the little things that we already love about our life to help us discover what our true passion is for our future. 

[Clary Sage (balancing), Frankincense (grounding/spiritual connection), Cedarwood (grounding/calming), White Fir (anchoring/empowering), Idaho Blue Tansy (feeling "at one"), Juniper (balancing), Jasmine (enhances positive emotions), White Lotus Extract (well being/euphoria), Orange (uplifting/joy), Sweet Almond Oil (sweetness)]



To get the most out of this month, you're definitely going to want Live with Passion oil too!

Excitement and Passion are NOT the same thing, as we will learn by the end of this month. Thrill, Newness, Fear, Worry, and Excitement all occur in our head and chest. 

But Passion is centered much lower, below the belly, in the Sacral Chakra. This is where we hold everything that matters most to us, including our secret desires and deepest emotions.

Live with Passion helps you stay grounded, determined and impassioned to live with purpose and fulfill your dreams!

I call this my favorite "Hippie" oil because it reminds me so much of a trip to Woodstock, where smells like Patchouli, Neroli, and Sandalwood hung heavy in the air. There is pretty much no way to be anything but relaxed when breathing in this oil blend. And while that might seem counterintuitive, we NEED to remove outside influences and stresses to help us really focus on what we truly want in our lives. These grounding oils help us turn desire into action and anchor our excitement with practical steps forward. 

[Clary Sage (emotional balance), Ginger (balances giving and saving money and other abundance), Sandalwood (grounding), Jasmine (enhances positive emotions), Angelica (spiritual awareness/peace), Cedarwood (grounding/calming), Immortelle (process negative emotions and find peace), Patchouli (grounding/balancing), Neroli (keeps you "in the moment"), Melissa (emotional harmony/internal compass]

Three great ways to use our October Oils:

• We will definitely be using these oil for our Affirmations and Intention Setting.

• You can also get added support by placing on your wrist, head, and neck (key points of connection to the heart).

• Use in meditation or quiet contemplation to help you increase mindfulness and gratitude.

There are 3 ways to order our October Focus Oils:

If you aren't a Young Living Member yet, you can pay retail or go ahead and get the $45 membership (think Costco, but forever) and save $25 on your oils. Great Deal! The 3rd way to order, is if you are already a member. Just log in and order your oil. You will already be getting the 24% off for your membership!

Let me know if you have any questions. The sooner you get your oil, the sooner you can discover your true passion and begin building your ideal future!

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